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Device-to-System Performance Evaluation Tool

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Device-to-System Performance EvaLuation tool (DISPEL)

The Stanford Device-to-System Performance EvaLuation tool (DISPEL) is a platform that integrates transistor/interconnect technology modeling, parasitic extraction, standard cell library characterization, logic synthesis, cell placement and routing, and timing analysis to evaluate system-level performance of new transistor and interconnect technologies. DISPEL aims to bridge CMOS technology developers and circuit/system designers to arrive at a complete picture for evaluating options for future device technologies.


A link will be provided as soon as the package is available for download.


Chi-Shuen (Vince) Lee - chishuen [at] stanford [dot] edu

Related Publications

C.-S. Lee, B. Cline, S. Sinha, G. Yeric, and H.-S. P. Wong, “32-bit Processor Core at 5-nm Technology: Analysis of Transistor and Interconnect Impact on VLSI System Performance,” in Proc. IEEE Int. Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), pp. 28.3.1–28.3.4, Dec. 2016.

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Flowchart of PDK Development and Physical Design