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Technology Integration Trend

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Section - Technology Integration Trend


This data set (link below) is a compilation of the historical technology integration data including NAND Flash, DRAM, SRAM presented in ITRS, journals, and conferences including IEDM , VLSI Technology and ISSCC from 1988 and onward. This data set also contains CPU, GPU data from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. W.-C. Chen, Haitong Li, Shengjun Qin, C.-H. Wang and H.-S. Philip Wong at Stanford University, Kerem Akarvardar at TSMC and Mohamed M. Sabry at Nanyang Technological University compiled the data;

Figure 1. shows the correlation between transistor count and DRAM capacity. Figure 2. shows the NAND Flash density trend over years. Figure 3. shows the correlation between the number of cores in GPU and its DRAM capacity over years.

Download: (most updated version on the site)

Permanent Link (permanent link at the Stanford Data Repository)


note on usage

If you use the data in a publication or a presentation, please cite this work:

H.-S. P. Wong, Kerem Akarvardar, W.-C. Chen, Haitong Li, Shuhan Liu, Shengjun Qin, Mohamed M. Sabry, C.-H. Wang, “Technology Integration Trend,” accessed Month, Day, Year.

contacts for inquiries

Wei-Chen Chen - weichen9 [at] stanford [dot] edu

H.-S. Philip Wong - hspwong [at] stanford [dot] edu

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