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Voltage-Mode RRAM Compute-In-Memory chip presented at VLSI 2020 July 2, 2020
Prof. Wong returns from leave of absence back to Stanford (April, 2019) and serves as Chief Scientist at TSMC April 12, 2020
RRAM-CMOS Compute-In-Memory chip presented at ISSCC 2020 April 12, 2020
Prof. Wong receives the IEEE Electron Devices Society J.J. Ebers Award "For pioneering contributions to the scaling of silicon devices and technology" April 12, 2020
Haitong receives the 2019 IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) PhD Fellowship award April 12, 2020
Prof. Wong gives a talk at HotChips 2019 on "What will the next node offer us?" April 12, 2020
Prof. Wong took leave of absence and joined TSMC as VP of Corporate Research (July 2018) April 12, 2020
Alumnus Prof. Shimeng Yu receives the ACM Special Interests Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) Outstanding New Faculty Award April 12, 2020
Alumnus Prof. Shimeng Yu receives the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Early Career Award April 12, 2020
Alumnus Prof. Duygu Kuzum receives the NIH NIBIB Trailblazer Award April 12, 2020
Alumnus Prof. Deji Akinwande selected as inaugural Moore Inventor Fellows April 12, 2020
Prototype for a computer-on-a-chip presented at ISSCC 2019 February 20, 2019
A Device Technologist at the ISCA Architecture 2030 Visioning Workshop July 8, 2016
How We’ll Put a Carbon Nanotube Computer in Your Hand - IEEE Spectrum July 8, 2016
Chip-in-cell Project Presented at Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 July 1, 2016
Deji Akinwande Receives 2016 PECASE from President Obama July 1, 2016
N3XT: Stanford-led skyscraper-style chip design boosts electronic performance by factor of a thousand December 13, 2015
A first: Stanford Engineers Build Basic Computer using Carbon Nanotubes December 29, 2013
Stanford Engineers Make First Working Prototype for Memory Chip Ideal for Mobile Devices December 29, 2013
Incoming Graduate Students 2015-2016 September 6, 2013
Stanford engineers build a nanoscale device for brain-inspired computing November 7, 2012
Carbon Nanotubes Enable Highly Energy-Efficient Computing November 7, 2012
Self Assembly Takes Shape - IEEE Spectrum November 7, 2012
Prof. Wong awarded Willard R. and Inez Kerr Bell Professor of Engineering November 7, 2012